Change is something we all have to face in our lifetime. Some of us run from it others embrace it. I am a person who has learned to follow its lead. This series was a product of change. At the time I was studying abroad in Italy, graduating college, and my father just recently passed away.  Success and failure were both holding my hand.

            I find inspiration in the physical natural world and unseen forces that lie within the physical world. These unseen forces consist of energies and frequencies, which form a language to how living organism exists. I believe we are all energy and we have the power to direct that energy. Through this series I have used my experiences in change and my interest in energy to express self-discovery.

          I have used line to represent energy and color to represent physicality both present to invite the viewer to exist or experience beyond the physical world. As I painted each of these pieces I was thinking about developing self. What it meant to know myself, in the true meaning of self. I combined irregular shapes with geometrical shapes to represent the contrast between emotions. Irregular shapes to represent confusion. The geometrical shapes represented comfort.

            The linear is present to represent the flow of energy. The lines are always attached to a shape or an emotion. The viewer is not able to see the specific direction of the energy, if is flowing forward or backwards. I found that even if I decided to make a change and it pushed me backwards it was not always a failure. The energy is in a constant flux of motion. The lines that are sharp represent intention. The curved lines represent that natural flow of energy.

 My goal in this series was to dig deeper into the meaning of self and the placement on this earth. To see beyond the material world and take what we can see and make in tangible.

Study 1 Watercolor  9" x 12" 2015

Study 4 Watercolor  9" x 12" 2015

Study 2 Watercolor  9" x 12" 2015

Study 5 Watercolor  9" x 12" 2015

Study 3 Watercolor  9" x 12" 2015