Current of Liberations

There is a language that hides between the material and the immaterial world that consist of energies and frequencies. These unseen forces are fundamental to a more complex system that includes the laws of nature and the way living organisms function together as a co-evolutionary unit. In this series I am narrating the harmonization between plant and human. I have divided this relationship into four topics: healing properties, interdependence of the collective, physiological parallels, and levels of cellular consciousness. I have used color, line, space and texture to create an experience of transcendence. My approach to color is vibrant and spiritual. I use purples to represent radiant energy and a sense of calmness in spirit. The vibrant colors of the backgrounds unify with earth tones located in the foregrounds. I use green to represent health and vitality in the plant forms. I have used color transparency and the obscurity of space to create a sense of oneness and lack of barrier between the physical and non-physical worlds. My imagery fluctuates between micro and macroscopic inviting the viewer to consider larger and more dynamic patterns.